Building audience is building trust!

“A great blog begins with the content you create, but to be successful a blog also needs a strong community or audience. The members of your community will follow your blog by giving you a permission to send them updates.”  The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience

Now, how can you make your contents suit the interests of your audience?

Take a look at the Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience Chapter 1 for professional advice on blogging and building audience. This could be very useful for young bloggers in the future!

In order to build audience you should know the interests of your followers, as well as their level of understanding for the specific topic you are writing about. It is always nice to explain some technical vocabulary in case the reader gets in touch with your topic for the first time.

You should also promote your blog contents on the social networks, but this is something we will be discussing further in our Digital Literacy for EFL Students course.

Hashtags have become a very useful tool when it comes to reaching wider audience not just on Twitter, but also on Facebook, Instagram, and many other social networks. People do click on them to discover new content from new sources. Therefore, choose your hashtags wisely!

Emails are very important when it comes to building a community for your blog. An email list is a good way to keep in touch with your followers. It is something you own and something you can control.

You should provide regular updates to your contents on your blogs! Makes sure that the information you share is valid and reliable!

So, guys! Your task this week is to focus on the most popular social networks and promote the contents of your blogs there. Which networks do you use? Have you got an account on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Google+? Pinterest? Snapchat? Or any other?

Do you usually use hashtags? How do you choose the tag words? Do you have a strategy for that? Do you check the contents available on the hashtags?

Please share your ideas as comments!


16 thoughts on “Week 4 – Building Audience

  1. I think promoting the content that you create is the most important thing, no matter how many posts are you writing it will be “nothing” if you don’t promote it well. For social medias I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


  2. Personally, I use Facebook, Instagram, VK (kinda like a Russian version of Facebook) and Snapchat and about hashtags, I only use them on Instagram and sometimes on Snapchat (which is kinda pointless lol) since it’s not fully implented (to my knowing) on Facebook.

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  3. Well i think you can build a greater audience by actually listening to what the audience wants to read.
    I don’t ever use hashtags and i don’t really use them to search anything. I don’t think they are that useful and i find them annoying when overused.


    • I agree that you need to follow your audience’s interests. However, I disagree with you regarding hashtags. Check out the guide for some tips! I have personally used hashtags when it comes to pomoting contents and building audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People do use hashtags to find useful content… How do you expect a wider potential audience to find out about your contents otherwise? You have to rely on key words or simply promote your blog to a limited audience – your friends and followers only!


  4. – I use every social network that exists except pinterest.. I have an account on facebook, snapchat, twitter, google, instagram, tumblr and youtube. I usually use hashtags on instagram and tumblr. I chose the tags that are related to my post. And yes I do check the contents of the hashtags, more often after I post my post.


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