Creating Content

Now that we have created a community of bloggers, who are all young people willing to share their experiences through their blogs, and in this way advance both their digital and communicative skills during the Digital Literacy for EFL Students course at Pegasus ELS, participants are encouraged to expand their topics, and prepare and publish another post on their respective blogs.

Blogs should provide quality content to wider audience, and bloggers should respond to the interests and expectation of a specific type of audience. In our case, we are focusing on a group of young bloggers with mixed interests, although similar tastes. Therefore, we can say that our audience consists of a very diverse community of bloggers in terms of the topics they explore, who are willing to learn from each other, by sharing their experience and advance their Digital Literacy skills with regards to blogging.

When it comes to creating content for their further posts, regardless of the topic, bloggers should decide whether their post will be informative, narrative, artistic, entertaining, or educational, but in any case, they should double-check the sources they are providing, and the validity of information they are sharing, in order to win the trust of their audience.

Young bloggers are encouraged to first create layouts for their posts by drafting a title, introduction, main body, and conclusion, which if done in accordance with the audience’s interests should generate a natural discussion in the comment section.

You might be discussing the life of a youtuber, or telling a story, sharing a recipe, or giving tech tips, in any case your posts should have a clear structure.  I have found many blogs difficult to follow because of their lack of constructiveness and focus. I find many blogs easy to browse because they are well structured.

Therefore, guys, the task for you this week is to try and create a layout for your next post!

What do you think your post should look like? What do you think you should put in the title? Do you use an introductory paragraph? Do you think it’s useful? Why? Why not?

What would you write about in the main part? What are your main points? And what conclusion would you make to generate discussion? Do you have any questions to ask? Do you think it’s a good idea to ask questions at the end? Why? Why not?

Do you have any unique way of structuring your post?

Please share your ideas and experiences in the comments section!



18 thoughts on “Week 3 – Creating Content

    • I agree with you. Although being yourself sometimes requires you to educate yourself as to what structure is better accepted by your audience. Have you ever tried to restructure a blog post to suit the interests of a specific target audience without losing your genuine approach?


    • That is true. Young people are the rising power in this field. I do believe that if educated and properly guided young people can create excellent contents and share great stories via blogging. There is still a lot to learn to make blogging a quality resource, instead of being used just for sensational news and trolling… What do you think?

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  1. Right, so about the title, in my opinion you should avoid like straight out clickbait for example “TODAY I MET THIS PERSON YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT”. The title has to have some key things in it:
    1. It must have to do with the article.
    2. It must not be waay too long.
    3. Keep it short, simple, descriptive.

    About the structure, every great story has an introduction, a culmination and an ending. The introduction briefly explains what you’re about to read, the culmination is the main part of the article itself and the ending can be either some sort of a short recap, or something that leaves your audience scratching their heads for a while.

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  2. -A post generally should be organized, it content should be informative and not too complicated to read. You should use an introductory, because you need to introduce your audience with the topic that you are writing about. The main part should have much information in it. At the end it is a good idea to ask your audience some questions, because it can connect you with them!

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  3. We live life where our time is limited and people also don’t have nerves to read long texts. Because my blog is about art I try to show more of me and my sister’s work than to write long text, of course I put a title that’s related on the post and I explain what we did and with what technique the painting is done.
    Also it’s useful to give introduction on your posts. And yeah, I think everyone has their own way of expressing.

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    • I agree… Art requires a unique and genuine approach… However, every style requires some sort of structure behind its expression! The Chaos Theory stipulates that there is clear organization behind every process even the most chaotic one… Don’t you think that art can gain more attention if accompanied by a well structured story relsted to the creative process at least?

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  4. I think that our posts should be well organized, should have correct and useful information and should be well designed. I think that asking questions at the end keeps the public entertained and you also make a lot of comments.


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