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Blog commenting connects people!

Hey everyone! Welcome to our Digital Literacy for EFL Students blog prepared by Pegasus English Language School.

I am so happy to announce that all of our students have created excellent blogs. Please check out the links to the blogs I follow. You will be surprised how creative and inspiring young bloggers can be!

I am so anxious to see where this training will take these young and inspiring bloggers in the future, realizing how much interesting stuff they have to share.

The second week of our training is dedicated to blog commenting and connecting.  An important part of blogging is connecting with other bloggers by reading posts and leaving comments.

Comments allow you, and your readers, to engage in discussions, share thoughts and connect with your blog.

Most new bloggers find publishing posts easy and commenting harder! This is because comments require careful analysis of the post you are replying to and quite often they provide different opinions from the one presented in the post. Difference in opinions does not mean you need to take up a defensive attitude, or be rude for that matter!

An article published by Wired Magazine states that”although free speech advocates will wince, communities that are well moderated seem to be more civil places” (Internet psychologist Graham Jonesan). This is why we are going to try to build a community of supportive bloggers that will learn from each other’s experience, rather than attract attention via trolling.

Your activity this week is to learn more about commenting and improve your commenting skills!

Check out the links (5. How to Write a Quality Comment and 6. Blog Commenting and Connecting) available on our Padlet – Digital Literacy for EFL Students  to get some ideas about what quality comments should be like.

What do you think a quality comment should be like?

What shouldn’t we do when commenting on other people’s blogs?

Please share your ideas in the comments section bellow!

Keep it in mind: blogging is a culture, therefore it needs to be nourished…





15 thoughts on “Week 2 – Blog Commenting and Connecting

  1. Before commenting the reader should read the whole post, not just commenting for the sake of making a self-promo. Quality comment consists of your opinion about the post that has been written, you can have different opinion or thinking but never be rude – it’s just not cool.

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    • I totally agree with you David…

      Everyone is allowed to have a different opinion. After all that is the beauty of this world. Difference is the advantage, not the disadvantage of the human experience.

      However, we don’t need to insult anyone just because we think differently!

      It’s not cool at all…


    • I truly believe this is the only way we can have quality discussions, and provide great opportunities for young bloggers like yourself to have their say and boost their confidence in trying out something new for themselves. Thanks for your comment!


  2. I think a quality comment should provide feedback on the subject of the post and/or provide more information on the subject . I think that comments shouldnt go off topic and hate on the writer. Every body has a freedom of speech and you shouldnt take that away from someone because you dislike what they are blogging about.

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  3. Quality comment… In my opinion any written or said opinion is a comment. Anything would work as a comment, but not everything would or should be said. Not every comment leads to the expected result. So we should be very careful in choosing our words in order to prevent an argument from happening. A quality comment would be a comment that would motivate the person you’re commenting to even more or it should be a critical thinking of how that person would get better in what they’re doing… Or at least that is what I would appreciate as comments to my blog.

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  4. I think that a quality comment should be connective with other people (should connect you with other people). Just with commenting you can connect with other people and start a good friendship with some of them. In our comments, at least in my opinion, there shouldn’t be much negative content that can discourage the blogger.

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  5. In my opinion a quality comment without taking into account the fact if you agree or disagree with the blog it should be said in a polite, calm and a respectful way. We shouldn’t use offensive, abusive and rude words.


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