Have you ever heard about blogging? Do you know what it is?


Welcome to the Digital Era!

This blog is designed to serve as a model for EFL students from Pegasus English Language School, who have taken up the Digital Literacy course intended for young learners aged 13-19.

So, hello guys! I guess for most of you this is the first time you are writing a blog about a topic of your interest.

Just to remind you that you can find the resources for the first week on the following link – Padlet: Digital Literacy.

This week, we are going to learn about the basics of blogging, focusing on successful blogs from young bloggers under 18. You will also be introduced to the types of blogs, as well as what it takes to make your topic interesting for a bigger audience.

You will also be shown various blogs for comparison. Finally, you will be given a chance to post your own blogs and give comments to your classmates’ blogs in English, and hopefully become successful bloggers in the future.

Don’t forget to research other bloggers and follow their work closely. After all, one can learn best from other people’s examples!

I hope you enjoy the Digital Literacy course for EFL Students at Pegasus ELS.

Your hosts for this event are Pero SardzoskiGjorgji Trpeski and Dejan Stanojevikj.

How do you feel about blogging, and what did you learn this week?

What type of blog do you have and what topics do you write about?

Please leave a comment to share your ideas with the other bloggers!

Thanks for attending the Digital Literacy for EFL Students at Pegasus ELS!


28 thoughts on “Week 1 – Introducing Blogging

  1. Blogging it’s a great way to express something that you want to talk about. I have kinda personal blog, I post everything that’s on my mind at the time I’m writing. Finally, young people will have opportunity to learn more about Digital Literacy since it’s important nowadays.

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  2. I haven’t really thought about blogging before and I am still new at this, but as far as I can tell, blogging is so much fun! It allows you to express yourself . Your creativity, your ideas, you get inspired, you get motivated, you get to FEEL the importance of your opinions and feeling… You get to learn from other people’s blogs and you get to spend your time rationally instead of wasting it on pointlessly scrolling down the social pages and leaving likes to people that you might even dislike.

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    • In other words not only to be a consumer of technology but an active creator of digital contents, which is the future of the world! It is great to have young people sharing their opinions and feelings. It helps a lot for personal but also professional development…


  3. I generally feel free to blog because it’s a fun way to communicate and connect with other people. This week I learned the basics of the blog and how to write my first quality blog post. My blog is all about science and I write about the branches of science: Physics, Quantum physics, Biology, Astronomy etc…

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    • Thanks for being part of it! I love science, and I think there are so many interesting ways to share scientific knowledge with the young people especially, because science is important, and it matters, since it opens new perspectives, which is something young people need all the time! So go for it!


  4. I really like blogging but I still don’t think I know how to use it properly
    I have a blog about everything that is interesting nowadays and that is interesting to young people.


    • I am glad that you like blogging, however it will take some time before you get to use it well… I suggest you check the links on the padlet available on this blog post, and see what other bloggers are doing. Maybe it will give you some ideas!

      Blogging for some people is a great source of income… But that will come later when you become a professional blogger! 😉

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  5. I find blogging very interesting but I’m still not sure what I should exactly do with it. This week I learned how to write comments to other people blogs.

    I decided to write about music because I like music so much.


  6. Blogging is a very good way to share your ideas, information and things you know. I learned about how to set a blog and I also learnt things I did not know about my topic.


    • I am glad that you started liking this form of communication with the world. Blogging is a very useful tool for our modern way of living. Don’t worry! If you are a regular blogger, in time, you will improve your style and be successful in promoting your posts to the world. Keep up the great job!

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  7. Blogging is good for all people and maybe I will be a good blogger one day.Blogging is a very useful for young people to learn English,and this week I learned lot of things how to make a blog how to add friends etc.
    What type: My type of blog is about Basketball and i write about playoffs and especially for the Cleveland Cavaliers


  8. Blogging is something new. Blogging is useful topic in Digital Literacy course. Blogging is interesting for everybody, for young and for old. In this course I learned how to make a blog page (WordPress) and how to set up my first blog post. I have blog about traveling, music and other things. If you want to know more about it, follow my blog.


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